Profile Series: Toasting

Fire Toasted Profiles
Our proprietary technology manages time and temperature combinations during fire toasting to create variety and consistency.
Standard Profiles > Classic fire toasted options
Water Bent Profiles > Include water bending treatments to accent the toast.
Long Toast Profiles > Extended toasting times, creating more flavor extractives.


Infrared Profiles
Infrared profiles heat the oak directly and not the air around it, yielding a precise toast. Longer wavelengths toast the outer stave layer, while shorter wavelengths toast inside the staves.
Aroma Profile > This profile offers a full spectrum of oak aromatics that accent forward fruit characters and richness on the mid palate. 
Reflection Profile > Designed to serve as a reflection of your fruit, this profile lifts and enhances fruit character with mild oak and light aromatics.

Dimension Infrared Profile
This profile enriches mouthfeel with velvety texture and layered aromatics, which carry through to a prolonged finish. Infrared toasting is applied to wave staves, offering increased surface area and toasting complexity across the peaks and valleys.