Profile Series: Toasting

Fire Toasted Profiles
Our proprietary technology manages time and temperature combinations during fire toasting to create variety and consistency.


Standard Profiles > Classic fire toasted options.
Water Bent Profiles > Include water bending treatments to accent the toast.
Long Toast Profiles > Extended toasting times, creating more flavor extractives.


Infrared Profiles
Infrared profiles heat the oak directly and not the air around it, yielding a precise toast. Longer wavelengths toast the outer stave layer, while shorter wavelengths toast inside the staves. 

Aroma Profile > A full spectrum of oak aromatics that accent forward fruit characters and richness on the mid-palate.

Reflection Profile > Designed to serve as a reflection of your fruit, this profile lifts and enhances fruit character with mild oak and light aromatics.

Dimension Profile > This profile enriches mouthfeel with velvety texture and layered aromatics, which carry through to a prolonged finish. Infrared toasting is applied to wave staves, offering increased surface area and toasting complexity across the peaks and valleys. 

NEW! Impression Profile > By exclusively using long infrared waves Impression offers low impact with increased balance. Broad mouthfeel. Fresh Fruit. Light vanilla.