A Fresh Wine Country Update

Each season brings new and exciting happenings for our World Cooperage Account Managers around the globe as they work with our partner winemakers. We checked in on a few of them recently to see what was shaking in their part of the world. Come take a peek with us!

Forêt d’Exception®

While all the national forests of France are well-managed, some have now leveled-up to be “exceptional”. What does that mean? Well, in 2008, L’Office National des Forêts began the Forêt d’Exception® – or exceptional forests – label and to date, it has given this designation to 15 forests.

Virtual Backgrounds

Since we can’t bring you to the forest/stave mill/cooperage right now, we wanted to bring them to you!

A Recap – 2019 Unified Wine & Grape Symposium

We’re just over a week removed from the 2019 Unified Wine & Grape Symposium. The kegs were drank, the potato chips were chomped and the booth was broken down and stored for next year.

Series Spotlight: Traditional Series

A Classic Choice, the World Cooperage Traditional Series Today’s spotlight focuses on the Traditional Series. If you’re a winemaker looking for amazing consistency and reliability, this is your barrel.

Using Exotic Woods to Toast Barrels

Six American oak barrels were toasted using hickory, mesquite, French oak and American oak then filled with Chardonnay. Pinot Noir was also used. A sensory panel assessed the wine to determine if the species of wood used to toast a barrel can significantly impact wine flavor.