Custom Barrel Profiling #2

The objective is to compare new, custom profiles and commercial profiles and to create a special toasting profile for Rodney Strong Pinot noir wines.

Custom Barrel Profiling #1

Custom Barrel ProfilingBeaulieu VineyardObjectiveThe objective is to determine if the designed, custom profiles meet expectations for Beaulieu Vineyard Chardonnay.SynopsisThree custom, or special, profile toasting regimes were coopered and used to barrel-ferment and age Chardonnay wine (see process curves below). These were compared with three existing products: the World Cooperage Traditional, the T.W. Boswell Côte d’Or, and the T.W. Boswell Legacy. …

Using Exotic Woods to Toast Barrels

Six American oak barrels were toasted using hickory, mesquite, French oak and American oak then filled with Chardonnay. Pinot Noir was also used. A sensory panel assessed the wine to determine if the species of wood used to toast a barrel can significantly impact wine flavor.