The Anatomy of a Wine Barrel

The Anatomy of a Barrel Sure, you probably know what a “bung hole” is (we’ll wait while your inner child chuckles) but do you know the correct terminology for the rest of a barrel? Barrels are crafted without a single nail or drop of glue – rivets hold the hoops together and the rest is a perfectly pieced together puzzle. …

An Interview with Kunde Winemaker Zach Long

World Cooperage Barrel Consultant, Jerry DeLorenzo, stopped by Kunde Family Winery to interview winemaker Zach Long, on what he looks for when choosing a World Cooperage barrel.

An Interview with Bogle’s Eric Aafedt

World Cooperage Barrel Consultant, Yuri DeLeon, stopped by Bogle Vineyards to interview head winemaker Eric Aafedt, on what he looks for when choosing a World Cooperage barrel.

Series Spotlight: Traditional Series

A Classic Choice, the World Cooperage Traditional Series Today’s spotlight focuses on the Traditional Series. If you’re a winemaker looking for amazing consistency and reliability, this is your barrel.

Welcome to the World Cooperage Blog

At World Cooperage, we love making wine barrels. But even more, we love partnering with winemakers around the globe to share our cooperage knowledge and industry experience, as we aim to provide comprehensive program solutions for winemakers that demand a variety of consistent options.

Introduction to Barrel Profiling

The objective is to determine if the new Barrel Profiling technology improves consistency and provides flavor differences between four different toasting regimes.

Varietal Specific Barrel Profiles

Five French oak profiles that performed well with other varietals and had specific characteristics to complement Pinot noir wines were selected.