A Look at Oak Species for Cooperage

When it comes to picking a wood species for cooperage, oak is the Michael Jordan of choices – or simply put, the G.O.A.T.  Now we are biased, but there are some pretty good reasons oak is the only choice for our barrels. Today, let’s start at the beginning and discuss where oak comes from.

Virtual Backgrounds

Since we can’t bring you to the forest/stave mill/cooperage right now, we wanted to bring them to you!

New! Impression Profile

Exciting news! We have added a new infrared toast in our Profile Series – the Impression barrel.

An Interview with Markham Vineyards

An Interview with Kimberlee at Markham Vineyards Markham Vineyards winemaker Kimberlee Nicholls sat down with Account Manager Yuri DeLeon to talk about her barrel program for Markham. Kimberlee shares the profiles she consistently uses for her wines and what characteristics she looks for in those barrels. Thank you Kimberlee and Markaham Vineyards!An Interview with Kimberlee at Markham Vineyards Markham Vineyards …

Barrel Toasting with Infrared Heat

Fire toasting is the most commonly used method to toast wine barrels however, we can also toast barrels using infrared heat in one of our infrared toasting apparatus. After seeing the infrared toasting machine clients often ask, “What is the difference between an infrared toast and toasting over a fire? Isn’t heat…heat?” The answer is, not exactly. But with that …

An Interview with Mantanzas Creek

Mantanzas Creek winemaker Marcia Torres Forno took a moment to share with World Cooperage her thoughts on barrels, their role in winemaking and the importance of a strong partnership between winemaker and cooperage. Enjoy!

Medium Long Toast

In 2018 World Cooperage released a new barrel toast in our Traditional Series – the Medium Long toast. We wanted to offer a new toast level that complemented the existing toasts; light, medium, medium plus, heavy. The new Medium Long toast is similar to current Traditional Series options, but toasted at lower temperature and longer time.

A World Cooperage Journey to France with the Rodney Strong Winemaking Team

A World Cooperage Journey to France with the Rodney Strong Winemaking TeamTake a journey through the French forest with World Cooperage general manager, Elizabeth Van Emst and the Rodney Strong Vineyards winemaking team. Watch as an oak tree is harvested in the Vosges forest and then visit our stave mill in Monthureux-sur-Saône, France. The Rodney Strong team shares why they …

Women of the Vine & Spirits Global Symposium

The fifth annual Women of the Vine & Spirits Global Symposium was held in mid-March, just down the street from our office in Napa, California. World Cooperage is proud to be a sponsor of Women of the Vine & Spirits – an organization dedicated to empowering and advancing women in the alcohol beverage industry, worldwide. The goal of the Global …

An Interview with Stonestreet Estate Vineyards Winemaker

Stonestreet Estate Vineyards winemaker Lisa Valtenbergs took a moment to talk with us recently at the Stonestreet Estate Winery & Tasting Room. She talks about her winemaking for Stonestreet and how barrels play a part in her choices. Take a moment to watch the interview and learn which World Cooperage profile is her favorite.