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[Side note: Cooperages 1912 is our sales office]

On Monday, February 11, World Cooperage representative Rachel Hensley attended the Sonoma State University Wine Industry Scholars Program Award Luncheon at the Green Music Center. The event was held to recognize this year’s Wine Industry Scholars Program award recipients, including the recipient of the Cooperages 1912 scholarship, Atziry Rodriguez, who is double majoring in Criminal Justice and Spanish.

This is the second year of our scholarship donation to the Wine Business Institute at Sonoma State University. Each year a new recipient receives a $10,000 scholarship to use for tuition, room and board and student fees. The scholarship funds are allocated evenly across four years and significantly reduce the student loan amounts for students who receive them. Cooperages 1912 has committed to $50,000 in scholarships over five years.

SSU’s Wine Industry Scholars Program brings first-generation college students with wine industry ties, children of vineyard and winery workers, to the University.

Cooperages 1912 Scholarship Recipients

2017-2018 Cooperages 1912 Wine Scholar:  Maricruz Oviedo
2018-2019 Cooperages 1912 Wine Scholar:  Atziry Rodriguez

“We are very happy in our partnership with the Wine Business Institute at Sonoma State University. Our first two scholarship recipients have been smart, hard-working and kind individuals. We’re excited to continue to see how they flourish in their education and in the Sonoma community. It’s important to give back to help the community flourish and support the students who are the future of the wine industry.”

-Elizabeth Van Emst, General Manager

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